Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ignoring/shunning others...

I do this all the time. It's quite easy for me to do. I actually pride myself on this ability, as people (females, mostly) tend to irritate and drain the hell out of me. It really depends strongly on the person/personality and whether or not said person is actually worth my time or not; I tend to be very choosy in who I deal with. Also it's because I tend to be preoccupied a lot with different things and simply don't have the time, so a lot of folks aren't high on my priority list, if they're even on it to begin with. A lot of this is self-preservation and just basic self-respect, but some of it is because I just don’t put a lot of deliberate effort in trying to pay attention to someone or something. I simply pay attention to whomever or whatever naturally grabs my focus. I will only do what feels comfortable to me, which is why I choose to ignore people I don’t know very well. And unless the other person makes an effort to be social with me, chances are that we'll not have any further dealings with each other. To be completely honest, many of the individuals I've met simply don’t match well with me in terms of intellect, values, and interests. They're not the kind of people I'd wanna get to know/be cool with, and vice versa. I'm pretty likable (more than most, I'd say), but again, it strongly depends on who it is. Also, in the real world, verbal contact is taxing, I spend my lunch hour by myself, and I've completely cut off all contact with several people when I realized how insane they were and how much more important my own mental/emotional state was. Online, I deliberately ignore confrontational and illogical forum threads and people, whether it's on the forums I frequent or elsewhere. At the end of the day, no one's worth it.

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