Thursday, August 14, 2014

15 things about me.

1) I'm 25.
2) I'm a chemistry student.
3) I'm 5' 9".
4) I like action/adventure and drama films, especially historical drama.
5) I love all sorts of music, including Mexican regional (especially Jenni Rivera).
6) I'm the youngest of 3; I have two older siblings, a sister and a brother.
7) I tend to get along MUCH better with/befriend guys over females.
8) I love books. I have over 200 (and counting) in my library. And have read them all...which leads me to
9) I refuse to read books or anything on a kindle device or e-reader. It's unnecessary.
10) I'm a grammar/ spelling nazi.
11) I'm a fierce individualist; copycats rub me the wrong way. They're the height of laziness and stupidity to me.
12) I'm an INTJ.
13) I've been diagnosed with social anxiety, social phobia, and clinical depression.
14) I'm a tea snob. And a snob in almost everything else, I've been told, lol...and lastly,
15) I'm insensitive to the feelings of others and tend to see things for what they really are.

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