Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mindless (but fairly accurate) quiz results

Your Gemstone is Amber
Creative, happy, and logical.
You shine in any intellectual endeavor
Your Gemstone Says You Love Money
You exude wealth and class. (Even if you're short on funds.)
You carry yourself well, and you have perfect manners.
You never seem desperate or trashy. You are admired for your sense of style.
You treat others well. In fact, many people aspire to be like you.
You Belong in the Baby Boomer Generation
You fit in best with people born between 1943 and 1960.
You are optimistic, rebellious, and even a little self centered.
You still believe that you will change the world.
You detest authority and rules. Deep down, you're a non conformist.
Your Heart is Simple
You don't understand why people complicate love so much. It doesn't need to be dramatic or difficult.
You prefer a deep relationship that's stable and full of meaning. Being with the right person gives you purpose.

You are not competitive when it comes to love. You figure either someone loves you or not - you can't control it.
You love the many layers of a long-term relationship. You like knowing someone better than anyone else in the world.
Your Rising Sign is Virgo
Well put-together and elegant, you sometimes seem standoffish.
And truth be told, sometimes you do feel superior to those around you.

A bit shy and introverted, you tend to stay quiet - even if you're feeling social.
At parties, you can seem like you're very serious while you're having fun.

You clever and ingenious, with an alert and active mind.
Good at facts and figures, you excel at logical and mathematical tasks.
You Are 5: The Investigator
You're independent - and a logical analytical thinker.
You love learning and ideas... and know things no one else does.

Bored by small talk, you refuse to participate in boring conversations.
You are open minded. A visionary. You understand the world and may change it.

At Your Best: You are sharp, inventive, and creative. You have the skills to lead the world.

At Your Worst: You are reclusive, weird, and a bit paranoid.

Your Fixation: Greed

Your Primary Fear: Being useless or incompetent

Your Primary Desire: Being competent and needed

Other Number 5's: Bill Gates, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Bjork, and Stephen Hawking.
Your Personality is Cultured
You are cosmopolitan, open-minded, and accepting. You try to learn from the world around you.
You are very diplomatic and a good mediator. If something difficult needs to be done, you do it with class and grace.

You are charming and worldly, but you can be a bit standoffish at times. You don't have much patience for ignorance.
You have exacting standards, and you love to get the best of everything. You would rather go solo than compromise.
Your Heart is Logical
You are wise and discerning. You focus on what really matters in life.
You can't fall in love with just anyone at any time. Everything needs to align for you.

You are a crusader. You will go to the ends of the earth to fight for what's right.
You have a deep love for the world and humankind. Romantic love is a bit more complicated with you.

100% accurate. Which is interesting, since I was born under a Capricorn moon.

You Should Be A Capricorn
What's good about you: hard working and ambitious, you're practically a guaranteed success

What's bad about you: you can be unforgiving toward people who fail you

In love: you're very picky but extremely devoted to the one you choose

In friendship, you're: likely to be a good friend but expect a lot in return

Your ideal job: rock climber, sculptor, or practitioner of black magic

Your sense of fashion: preppy and put together

You like to pig out on: meat and potatoes

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pretty much me in a nutshell :)

From's "Four types of attachment styles":

Attachment style 3

The distant girlfriend: Low fear of being abandoned + high avoidance of closeness

This woman is self-reliant and indifferent to intimacy. She’s not afraid you’ll desert her because she doesn’t plan on being all that close to you in the first place. A woman with a distant attachment style is a woman you might want to hook up with, but don’t try to get involved with her or you may wind up feeling used. The distant woman has a high opinion of herself and doesn’t care about what others think about her. Respecting you will not be high on her list of priorities. One good sign that a woman has a distant attachment style is that she doesn’t seem to have close friends.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

This is nice.. Having the pleasure to sit here in one of the most beautiful living rooms lit up so nicely by mood lighting at 3 in the morning all by myself, and listening to soft Brazilian music. I love these moments where I find comfort with myself with simple things such as these.

Monday, October 13, 2014

On sapiosexuals...

Most self-proclaimed sapiosexuals I know are wannabe intellectuals who are actually just lusting after Sherlock or Dr Who. They generally are only slightly above-average intelligence and have idealized notions of what "intelligence" really is. That said, their ability to actually identify with and interact with intellectuals is somewhat lacking. What most "sapiosexuals" actually want is just someone who's sarcastic, witty, funny, and energetic. 
If someone is physically hot, but I don't have any evidence of them being smart (or have sufficient evidence to suggest that they aren't), then I won't give them much more thought than I would anyone else. Out of sight, out of mind, basically.
If I find a person's mind and exhibited character traits attractive, they'll stick out in my mind for a lot longer, regardless of how they look. This might lead me to want to get to know them better, which could lead to romance if our personalities and tastes (including those that are appearance-based) mesh well enough.

 Personally I'd love to have attractive people approach me, 'entitled' or not. I don't think I'd have too much problems sustaining a conversation with them. It's the initiation that has always been the bane of my existence, because I'm such a passive little slut. They're not exactly doing me any favors if I'm learning how to take on the active role and accept the risks of rejection, but still, it's nice. 

"Sexual attraction to intellect" is suggestive of sophistication and non-superficiality, because there is usually this diametric relationship with physical appearance and intellect, which takes on the form of the stereotype that physically attractive people are usually dumb, and intelligent people are usually ugly. I'm using 'superficial' here as a synonym to primarily focused on physical appearance. Just because they don't claim they are as superficial than non-sapiosexuals, it doesn't mean they believe themselves to actually be superficial. I guess one should actually ask them if they think their sapiosexuality is no differently superficial than someone who primarily focuses on physical appearance to base sexual attraction on. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

No necesita titulo...

Porque no me haces el amor? Con esas manos de leon explorando todo mi cuerpo y esa boca besando y probando mis partes mas intimas. Porque no me haces el amor? Tu sabes que mi cuerpo esta con necesidad de que estes dentro de mi. Mi segunda boca se babea a pensar de tu miembro, que hasta mis dedos tratan de imitarlo pero simplemente no me satisface como tu podras. Damelo duro mi amor. Quiero que escuches mis lamentos. Por que no me tocas entre mis piernas para que veas como pulso por ti? Deja me probarte y despues termina dentro de mi boca. Te tragare completo hasta la ultima gota y llevare tu dulzura mas intima dentro de mi. Porque no me haces el amor si ya estas mas duro que una roca leyendo esto? Se el primero que estira mi florecita.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Hombres (or my shit attempt at Spanish)...

Yo creo que lo mas atractivo de un hombre es la confianza que tiene. La confianza de saber lo que le relaciona a el. La confianza de poder agarrar me, tocar me, besar me y cuando me hace del. Me gustan los juegas, porque me mueve la sangre. Me excita. Quieres jugar?
Let me buy myself a wig. You call me whatever you’d like, I am your whore for the night.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dark curls, pubescent girl.

There’s a young girl with admiring eyes and a pubescent smile. She and I share the same age, but she lacks the corruption that my eyes have seen and my mind has accepted. I’m her secret, a secret because to her what we feel is forbidden, yet I feel it exhilarating. But I am not here to rape her of her innocence, I am simply here to be her canvas, to let her explore new textures and colors. I let her do as she pleases. She dances for me in the rain in a thin dress so I can see without asking. I lie down bare as she paints so she can fulfill without asking. I brush myself onto her, making it look accidental, so she can feel without asking. You see, this is all new to her and I know in time her passions will overrule her restrictions. But as for now I’ll just share her innocence, with nights under her pink covers and days in the park as she snaps away photos of me to add to her personal collection titled,  “Him”.

Social Attitude Test

Progressivism  52.5
Socialism  18.75
Tenderness  15.625

Your test scores indicate that you are a very tough-minded cultural centrist; this is the political profile one might associate with a nihilist. It appears that you are skeptical towards religion, and have an indifferent and uncompassionate attitude towards humanity in general.

Your attitudes towards economics appear laissez-faire capitalist, and combined with your social attitudes this creates the picture of someone who would generally be described as an anarchist.

To round out the picture you appear to be, political preference aside, a sensible principled centrist with few strong convictions.

(taken from

Monday, September 29, 2014


A sweet smile
Balanced by curious eyes
She was purity donned in lace,
Which graced upon her untouched thighs
So proper and prim
Yet she had secrets hidden within
Thoughts of naughty scenes
Fueled feisty fingers to explore down between
Such a yearning for passion
Sometimes in the most filthy-like fashion
Yet all the while she’ll look at you with such innocence
Maybe she isn’t so pure… in a sense

Friday, September 26, 2014

His hands.

If I find a man attractive, I will look at his hands and wonder about them. How they might look gripping his cock or palming my pubic bone or cupped around my breasts. I wonder about his fingers. How they would feel grazing my clit were he to slide them inside me. How they would taste once they were dipped in my cum.

I try not to stare, but I can’t help but wonder...


She’s a wicked temptress,
a seductive tease,
my little one, on her hands and knees,
smiling ‘neath my heavy hand,
her ass upturned to please me.
She fosters my ire,
my smoldering fire,
to feed her own carnal greed.
I return her smile,
pounding all the while,
enamored with the beast I feed.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Kate Bush...

One of my bucket list items have now been checked off; Kate Bush was AMAZING, England was cool, and now I have to  get ready to pack for my flight home tomorrow.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scottish Independence...

As I'm currently still in England, it took a while for me to wade in, as both sides have been shouting over each other with a lot of blanket statements and scaremongering tactics, but then I started looking at figures.

The population of Scotland makes up 8.3% of the UK. That’s tiny. Then when you consider the resources the country provides for the rest of the union (e.g. 62% timber production, 40% wind, wave and solar energy,  90% of surface fresh water and an average of 30% fish and livestock) and start looking at those figures on a per capita basis, suddenly you realise Scotland could become one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

Of course I completely understand why this would make the rest of the UK nervous. But I do believe that an independent Scotland wouldn’t necessarily mean those resources would be completely cut off from England and Wales; they just won’t be entitled to them in the same way they currently are. Think of a young adult with a lot of potential, who has some toxic/manipulative elements in their relationship with their parents, leaving home for the first time with the intention of succeeding by themselves and cutting those toxic elements out. That’s pretty much how I see Scotland right now.

And what are those “toxic elements”, you ask? Well there’s the uncertain future of the NHS; the political party currently obstinately in power that most of Scotland didn’t vote for (we literally have more pandas in the country than Tory MPs); the fact that the UK, with increasing influence of parties like UKIP, is under threat of leaving the EU (while the EU would gladly take on Scotland on its own); increasing cuts on welfare, particularly for disability and food aid; and also, keeping fucking Trident missiles in the country.

A lot of people think there’s too much uncertainty to come from a Yes vote, but here’s the thing! Scotland voting Yes does NOT mean instant independence this Thursday. The question of the referendum is “Should Scotland be an independent country?” If the country votes Yes, THEN they’ll get to work on making it happen. It likely won’t officially take place until, like, 2016. The plans are in place, but there’s no use acting on them yet in the chance it’s a No vote.

I’m optimistic that the referendum is going to pass. But even if it ends up being a No vote, I’m also of the belief that this will still pave the way for some serious political and economical change for Scotland - because I think that the vote will be close enough that either way this will be a serious wake-up call for Westminster, if not the rest of the UK.

I want to make it clear if I haven’t already that I’m not for voting Yes as a slight against England based on some 700 year-old William Wallacey grudge. I like England. I just like the concept of Scotland's independence as a possible reality and want to see it flourish - or at the very least, exist - separately from Westminster/Conservative rule. I’d like to know that ultimately, Scotland's future is in its own hands.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Madame Stephanie St. Clair

 Things learned about Stephanie St. Clair:
  • She was female gang leader who ran numerous criminal enterprises in HarlemNew York in the early part of the 20th century. Despite resisting the interests of the Mafia for several years after Prohibition ended, she continued to be an independent operator never coming under mafia control.
  • She was born of mixed French and African descent on Martinique but there has been stronger theories that she is from Guadalupe Island, a small island off the coast of Mexico. She immigrated to the United States via Marseilles in 1912 and ten years later took $10,000 of her own money and set up a numbers bank in Harlem. She became known throughout Manhattan as Queenie, but Harlem residents respectfully referred to her as Madame St. Clair
  • When her rival, Dutch Schultz was assassinated by the Mafia in 1935 on the orders of The Commission, St. Clair sent a telegram to his hospital bed as the gangster lay dying. It read, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." The incident made headlines across the nation.
  • She died quietly and still rich in Harlem in 1969.

Cora Pearl

 Things learned about Cora Pearl:
  • She was the most famous courtesan in Paris. She may not have been the most conventional beauty, but she charmed men with her daring sexuality, enviable body, wit and lust for life.
  • There are many stories about Cora, it has been told she used to bathe in expensive champagne, once had herself served naked on a silver plate at a fancy dinner and dyed her hair red, pink and golden and her dog’s hair to match hers.
  • During her years at the all female French convent school she attended, she had engaged in numerous same-sex relationships. After her abrupt initiation into heterosexual sex, however, she did not return to her grandmother’s home, not go back to her mother, but rented a room for herself

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I'm here!

I've arrived in England. Settling down in my hotel suite and will see the usual tourist sights tomorrow. Now I'm suffering from jet-lag and shall sleep. Very interesting to see where my pa's folks come from. I shall visit my uncle and his family on Thursday, but the main reason is to see Queen Kate on Friday!!! Can't fucking wait for that. Then Saturday, it's back home.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

More tests...

Career Personality & Aptitude Test
Biochemists and Biophysicists
Study the chemical composition and physical principles of living cells and organisms, their electrical and mechanical energy, and related phenomena. May conduct research to further understanding of the complex chemical combinations and reactions involved in metabolism, reproduction, growth, and heredity. May determine the effects of foods, drugs, serums, hormones, and other substances on tissues and vital processes of living organisms.
35 %Post-Baccalaureate Certificate 
28 %Post-Doctoral Training 
16 %Doctoral Degree 
While your interests are a good match for this job, you will need additional education in order to be qualified for it.

  • Soil Chemistry and Physics (CIP = 01.1202)
  • Soil Microbiology (CIP = 01.1203)
  • Biochemistry (CIP = 26.0202)
  • Biophysics (CIP = 26.0203)
  • Molecular Biochemistry (CIP = 26.0205)
  • Molecular Biophysics (CIP = 26.0206)
  • Biochemistry/Biophysics and Molecular Biology (CIP = 26.0210)
  • Cell/Cellular Biology and Anatomical Sciences, Other (CIP = 26.0499)
Assertiveness Test
Snapshot Report
Ability to speak for self
You seldom hesitate to address the issues that concern you the most. Whether it's noisy neighbors or perhaps a raise you feel you deserve, you'll immediately bring it to attention. You express yourself quite freely, asserting your personal rights with the confidence that your request is reasonable. As a typically self-assured individual, you are fairly comfortable with letting others know you disagree with them, especially when you feel you're being treated poorly. This approach shows that you feel you deserve respect, and want others to treat you this way.

Sensuality Test

Snapshot Report
Sense of the Aesthetic
According to your score, you don't have a sense for the aesthetic qualities of life. The beauty around you, whether in the form of nature's masterpieces or man-made designs are not things that you care much for or pay attention to. Remember that beauty can be found beyond what we see on the runway at a fashion show or on TV. Take the time to explore the beauty in the world around you ? you will develop a greater appreciation for the simple splendors in nature or the different facets of human creativity that we often take for granted!

Sex Personality Test

Snapshot Report
Your results indicate that you are comfortable experimenting sexually, but haven't explored a wide variety of options from the great palette of sex. You do have a creative nature, which keeps your sexual liaisons satisfactorily spicy, but you aren't the most adventurous love bug on the planet. You seem to have discovered what pleases you, and plan to stick with it! As long as you are sexually fulfilled, keep it up!

(taken from

Friday, September 12, 2014

My attraction to older men.

I’ve been wanting to write a post about this— just because.
Ever since I was young and I’d go to family and friends get together with my family, I’d see such handsome/intelligent men… I started becoming very attracted and observant towards these men which heightened my curiosity. The thing is with older men it’s their maturity, their life experiences that can manifest with them introducing and teaching you new things which makes it so erotic (in a pure sense) and hey, the forbiddenness of it gives it that extra “mmph”.

Overall, each time I’ve interacted with older men I’ve always learned something new. Really the whole is experience is… nice, to say the least.

But— don’t let my age fool you.

Thoughts: On Aging

There’s very little difference between a 25 year-old man and a 45 year-old man, aside from an encyclopedic knowledge of ways to bring you to orgasm.

Monday, September 8, 2014

6 items that would be in my dream closet:

1. Hermes Birkin
2. Tom Ford’s Padlock Ankle-Wrap Python Pump in the color Bordeaux
3. YSL’s Le Smoking tux
4. A fur stole
5. Diane von Furstenberg’s classic wrap dress
6. Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection

Friday, September 5, 2014


I think sexiness is a matter of subtlety. It is in the details of a glance, a way to brush your lips with your fingers, a way to pass your hand through your hair, to cross your legs…

Sensuality is the art to suggest.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Last night was tough.
So I got my nails and toes done, and I just ordered some sushi.
Plus I’ll be having the house to myself tonight.
No worries. :)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Seven Reflections Temperament results

Ace of Clubs Birth Card

Qualities of the Birth Card are modified by astrological influences of planets associated with the Sun position at the moment we are born. If you are born on June, 29 1989 00:00, the planetary ruler for your astrological sign (Cancer) is Moon. Your Sun is positioned approximately in the First decan of Cancer, ruled by Moon. Find out the exact degree of your Sun placement to make sure your Planetary and Decanate cards are correct.
Ace of ClubsThe Ace Of Clubs is the one of the four special semi-fixed cards. People born on the Ace of Clubs birthdays are the best informed people in their circle of friends. There is nothing much to escape their attention. The Ace of Clubs is a born leader, one who knows better the true reasons behind people actions and willing to share his or her knowledge with others. The Ace of Clubs seeks many channels of expression. Their mental abilities are incredible and so their drive for learning about life. They have an extraordinary vision for all kind of metaphysical studies, either they accept it in themselves or not. The Aces of Clubs have a magnetic charm that drives public to them.

The Ace Of Clubs is a positive thinker, quick, witty and aggressive debater. The best way to learn for them is a good argument. Strong desire for self-expression may start to manifest in their early childhood. For most Ace of Clubs people, mother plays a vital role in creating their strong character and stimulates their quest for finding their own identity. Quick and passionate tempered nature will never stand slow environment, and will cause arguments with teachers, or any people in charge.

The Ace Of Clubs person is born for the professional success. Working with groups of women, or in any area interconnected with beauty and home are the great fields to apply their talents. They are basically people of a large picture. They plan for a long term, and often against anything that limits their horizons. Working as an employee might be a challenge.

The Ace Of Clubs may find it difficult to settle down in any place for long. Restless and energetic nature suggests the desire for change. With all their dominant and bright character, the Ace Of Clubs are really flexible in their thinking and that gives them great ability to adapt fast in any circumstances. Travel and a variety of experiences at work can add greatly to happiness.

The Ace Of Clubs natural curiosity is apt to lead them to an interest in psychology and metaphysics. This will benefit a lot later in life, and also others, because with their enlightened understanding they can help others to see the truth. Choosing right people and friends is very important, if the Ace Of Clubs want to be as well appreciated as they deserved.


Three of Hearts Planetary Ruling Card

Three of HeartsPossessing an exceptional ability to intuitively understand other people, spectacular communication skills, creativity and energetic nature, Three Of Hearts can achieve great heights in any profession they choose. They can be described by friends as "witty, exciting, optimistic, cheerful, light-hearted and full of fun." Wherever Three Of Hearts go, they led an electricity to the environment and the people in that environment. Three Of Hearts enjoy the atmosphere of harmony, and many of them become significant in business or professional world. Successfully combining business activities and social life, they tend to be the light of a party, transact business in clubs, working with large groups of people, especially with groups of men. Seriously undertaken, their work holds the greatest possibilities for public success and appreciation.

With natural curiosity about life from an early childhood, many Three of Hearts are motivated to receive good education and get off to a good start. While they must to be serious about goals and work, their romantic life gives so many choices that it may conflict with the pursuit of knowledge. Three Of Hearts are sure to know how to do a delightful talk - big and small, and there are many men and women are inevitably drawn by their energy. At times, it's not easy to make a decision and choose one special person to be an ideal partner for life. Quest for perfect love can make their love life series of trials and errors.

Three Of Hearts have very sensitive intellect with strong intuitive possibilities. They can easily find support from their association with women both personally and professionally. This card suggests leadership abilities and for men, temptation to get involved with women, as intelligent and independent as their mother. But anyone who tries to limit Three Of Hearts freedom and trap them in relationships, have zero chances to succeed.

Three Of Hearts regard variety in their work as the spice of life. They are open to new experiences, and if the work doesn't pay well, they can keep changing jobs and occupations in the hope of better security. Many Three Of Hearts are impulsive and emotional about economic changes, and there is a need to take care of finances seriously, leaving along gambling and speculative ventures, because it is not likely to contribute to the pocket book nor to their sense of security, and nor to their health.

Three Of Hearts is shared with many successful politicians, actors, writers. People who are born on birthday associated with this card have great pool of creativity, the freedom of self-expression, quick mind, social charm and a lot of energy to achieve anything they want in life.

Ten of Clubs Decanate Card

Ten of ClubsTens are called "Success" Cards - Fully Accomplished. Pythagoreans say that the number Ten represents Deity, Heaven, Eternity, and the Sun. Ten starts a new cycle - the cycle of man's Aspiration. Ten of Clubs find their success in the mental field and secure it by sharing their knowledge.

Ten Of Clubs is the first card in the Crown line. It holds a tremendous potential along with a talent and leadership, which suggests that people born under the Ten Of Clubs birth card can become successful in just about anything they put their mind to. Their effort may win them worldly acclaim. The Ten Of Clubs high position places them above traditional concepts and life styles and gives them freedom of being anyone and anything they want. Applying personal discipline opens up wonderful possibilities represented by this birth card.

Ten Of Clubs are often A-grade students and can excel in any study. But they also learn early that freedom of action are brought to people through the wealth and their position in life. Whatever childhood circumstances are, they are to help the Ten Of Clubs person to develop a correct sense of values, to establish the right attitude toward money and its right use. This sense of values make Ten Of Clubs a tendency to associate with successful people and people in high rank throughout their entire life. The Ten Of Clubs is a Crown Card. Ten Of Clubs people are intelligent and smart, and they respect the value of intelligence and mental superiority in others.

Ten Of Clubs are very sensitive to public opinion, fear criticism and disapproval. There are often a lack of self-confidence, but there is no good reason for it. Once they realize their true power and their greatest asset - and that is knowledge - they find true happiness.

There is always the power to make money, unless they don't put enough efforts into it. Ten Of Clubs natives have great intuition and should use it in choosing the most suitable line of work. The greatest success lies in the mental field. Sometimes called a "Teacher" card, Ten Of Clubs have a tremendous pool of knowledge, and sharing it with others can bring great satisfaction into their lives. If their knowledge is applied from high motives, their need are supplied from the "Limitless Substance"; there is seldom any lack of supply.

Two of Hearts Karma Card

Two of HeartsCreativity and uncertainty in love. Low side: two or more interests at the same time, being unsure, love experimentation. High side: self-expression, meeting new people.

Queen of Hearts Birth Card (Karma Cousin)

Queen of HeartsQueens represent the spiritual nature of man and the principle of birth. They have an authority equal to that of the Kings, proving that true rulership is both masculine and feminine. They are intuitive, receptive, and cooperative aspect of royalty. Queens are the true judges. Queen of Hearts judges and rule by the principles of love. They promote the dreams, conceive the desires, and see the visions of a world of joy and peace in the union of kindred hearts and the doctrine of universal brotherhood.

Queen of Hearts is a card of beauty, magnetism, affection, and idealism. The women represent the loving mother, the sweetheart, or the adored daughter. They are invariably attractive, with a strong appeal to the opposite sex. When they trade on it, they are flirts; they want constant flattery, good clothes, and good times; they may become lazy and frivolous.

The men are gentle, sensitive and creative, sympathetic and understanding.

Queen of Hearts are attracted to a professional type of work or to marriage. The women seldom make a success of both at the same time. They are interested in foreigh countries and people. They are tolerant of others' customs, ideals and modes of life. They are "shining" people, optimistic, friendly and comforting. They never willingly cause heartache or distress, and even their flirtatiousness is harmless.

But Queen of Hearts are not just all about love. They have a spectacular mental potential. They could be a whiz at school, if they don't get bored. They have an ability to express themselves in writing or speech. A good education and mental discipline will make them go far in life.

Queen of Hearts are not luckily to be lacking in the money department. If fact, if they put their head into it, they do very well in the arts and in creating products of a personal nature or for the home. They can successfully mix a business and pleasure. All their interests, as well as occupational efforts, bring financial stability and success.

Queen of Hearts enjoy a good debate and learn much from it as well as by absorption and observation. They like to work with powerful, mature, positive people. The power of mastery is available for people born Queen of Hearts. They can make any "impossible" dream to come true by using their gift of intuitive strength and ability to master self-discipline.

Emotions often interfere with business. Queen of Hearts want to be liked and may become involved with wrong people. If you are Queen of Hearts, it is a good idea to be cautious with people who can use your kindness and sincere desire to help for their personal gains.