Monday, October 13, 2014

On sapiosexuals...

Most self-proclaimed sapiosexuals I know are wannabe intellectuals who are actually just lusting after Sherlock or Dr Who. They generally are only slightly above-average intelligence and have idealized notions of what "intelligence" really is. That said, their ability to actually identify with and interact with intellectuals is somewhat lacking. What most "sapiosexuals" actually want is just someone who's sarcastic, witty, funny, and energetic. 
If someone is physically hot, but I don't have any evidence of them being smart (or have sufficient evidence to suggest that they aren't), then I won't give them much more thought than I would anyone else. Out of sight, out of mind, basically.
If I find a person's mind and exhibited character traits attractive, they'll stick out in my mind for a lot longer, regardless of how they look. This might lead me to want to get to know them better, which could lead to romance if our personalities and tastes (including those that are appearance-based) mesh well enough.

 Personally I'd love to have attractive people approach me, 'entitled' or not. I don't think I'd have too much problems sustaining a conversation with them. It's the initiation that has always been the bane of my existence, because I'm such a passive little slut. They're not exactly doing me any favors if I'm learning how to take on the active role and accept the risks of rejection, but still, it's nice. 

"Sexual attraction to intellect" is suggestive of sophistication and non-superficiality, because there is usually this diametric relationship with physical appearance and intellect, which takes on the form of the stereotype that physically attractive people are usually dumb, and intelligent people are usually ugly. I'm using 'superficial' here as a synonym to primarily focused on physical appearance. Just because they don't claim they are as superficial than non-sapiosexuals, it doesn't mean they believe themselves to actually be superficial. I guess one should actually ask them if they think their sapiosexuality is no differently superficial than someone who primarily focuses on physical appearance to base sexual attraction on. 

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