Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dark curls, pubescent girl.

There’s a young girl with admiring eyes and a pubescent smile. She and I share the same age, but she lacks the corruption that my eyes have seen and my mind has accepted. I’m her secret, a secret because to her what we feel is forbidden, yet I feel it exhilarating. But I am not here to rape her of her innocence, I am simply here to be her canvas, to let her explore new textures and colors. I let her do as she pleases. She dances for me in the rain in a thin dress so I can see without asking. I lie down bare as she paints so she can fulfill without asking. I brush myself onto her, making it look accidental, so she can feel without asking. You see, this is all new to her and I know in time her passions will overrule her restrictions. But as for now I’ll just share her innocence, with nights under her pink covers and days in the park as she snaps away photos of me to add to her personal collection titled,  “Him”.

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